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With a practical approach and a highly qualified workforce, we provide safe, quality work to the mining industry.

With expert knowledge and a highly qualified workforce, we’ve supplied the mining industry with high quality work, with safety at the forefront of everything we do. We’re a nimble company that continues to improve and expand our service offerings. We’re excited to work with our clients to find practical solutions to overcome project challenges, execute the job, and deliver what our client's expect.

Underground construction

Our team of construction miners is ready to build your underground infrastructure. Whether it is underground shops, sumps & dewatering systems, paste fill systems, refuge stations, material handling systems, conveyors and load outs or explosives magazines, electrical rooms, our team is equipped to make it happen safely.

We are also skilled at shotcrete and ground stabilization, mechanical - ventilation and mine services.

Surface Work

Rock Anchors

Grouted rock anchors are one of the first things to get installed on a civil project. Let us take care of anchoring your project using our drilling and grouting equipment. From equipment bases to headframes and hoisting plants, whether it is a few anchors installed with plugger holes or a large pattern done with our fleet of surface drills, our crew will ensure the anchoring is done right and keep your project on schedule.

Surface Civil Works

Let our experienced crews look after your surface mine infrastructure civil construction projects. We have installed many mine ventilation fan bases, raise and shaft collar concrete and trestle and equipment foundations.

Surface drilling and blasting

WIth our fleet of remote operated rock drills and large top hammer drill rigs, we can help level your project site or trench for your infrastructure. Our licensed blasters will ensure your site is well protected from the blasting process including turn-key services from surveying to excavating and hauling.

Shaft Collars and Portals

Having excavated over 25 mine shaft collars, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and equipment that sets us apart from the competition. Our track record of successful projects speaks to our commitment to quality and excellence. When a shaft sinking project kicks off, we understand our client needs to focus on establishing the hoisting plant and readying the galloway, and we are the partner to trust with the pre-sink and collar development. 

Driving a decline? We can excavate your box cut and portal so your development crew has a face to drill when the jumbo arrives.

Grouting Services

Our grouting specialists have the experience and knowledge to tackle unwanted water flows. From cementitious permeation grouting to strengthen and slow water flows, to high pressure chemical injection grouting, we offer practical solutions for your water infiltration challenges.

Equipment Rentals

Our diverse fleet of drilling and mining construction support equipment is well-maintained and available for rent.

Our fleet consists of:
  • Surface and Underground Drills
  • Boom Trucks
  • Excavators of all sizes
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Grout Plants
  • Diesel Welders
  • Diesel Compressors
  • Rock Trucks
  • Underground Personnel Carriers
  • Shotcrete Pumps
  • Mine-ready Telehandlers

Labour Supply

We have a deep complement of safety-focused underground hard rock miners available to fill a variety of roles to support operations at our clients’ mines.

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CWB certified

Huron Mining is CWB certified to CSA W47.1, demonstrating our commitment to welding excellence and safety standards.

CWB Certification